(Interlude) Song of the Day Series 3: Kings and Queens of SoundCloud

For the conclusion of the Song of the Day Series I headed to SoundCloud. I already know several artists with their music on there and I think they’re all wonderful. That’s why this one is titled Series 3: Kings and Queens of SoundCloud. I’ve complied a playlist of seven songs from my mutuals that you should definitely check out. From the hard bars of iamaura to the acoustic beauty of MATINEE to the late night vibes of Brandy B. there’s something for everyone in this list. Everyone in this list has supported and continues to support me in all that I do so it’s only right that I do the same for them. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them as they continue to perfect their craft. Follow each of these artists on their social medias to stay up to date on what’s dropping next or just keep up with what they’re up to outside of music. Listen to the playlist here Continue reading “(Interlude) Song of the Day Series 3: Kings and Queens of SoundCloud”


(Interlude) Song of the Day Series 2: Soul

This week the Song of the Day series continues with Series 2: Soul. These songs come straight from the heart when it comes to the lyrics, the vocal ability or the instrument playing skill. The moods range from empowering to solemn to laid back. Throw this one on while you’re reading or cleaning and the minutes will float on by as you submerge yourself in audio bliss. Check out the playlist here and here

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Track 014: ASTROWORLD Album Review

It’s safe to say this was the most anticipated album of 2018. After Travis announced it in 2016 before his album from 2017 had even dropped we’ve been waiting. The hype built so much, died a little and came back over these past two years as more information and theories came out here and there. People commented “Drop Astroworld” on everything Travis posted and as time went on it began to show up in the comments of any rap artist that posted something. Essentially it became a meme. Then on July 30th we got an official album trailer and then the album itself on August 3rd.

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(Interlude) Song of the Day Series 1: Hip Hop

For the month of August I’ll be doing a daily Song of the Day Series. You can see each song the day I post it via my Instagram or check back here next Tuesday to get the full list at once. Week 1 is called Series 1: Hip Hop. I selected songs where lyrics and flows were not only the main focus but, executed excellently. These songs all feature moody, ominous production to compliment the aggressive and confident flows of the various MCs. These songs also are ones you may have not heard before and I hope you become a fan of one of these artists due to hearing the song I selected by them. You can listen to the playlist here and here  Continue reading “(Interlude) Song of the Day Series 1: Hip Hop”

Track 010: Do You Separate the Art From the Artist?

When you and your friends disagree on something do you stop talking to them? Depending on your maturity level you might or you might not. The right thing to do is respect their differing opinion and agree to disagree. As humans with our own individual minds, we are created to have different viewpoints and perspectives on everything. Disagreeing is simply a basic art of human interaction. And yet, people often treat it like it’s something that’s not supposed to happen! But, what about when you don’t agree with something one of your favorite artists has done or said? Do YOU cancel them? Or, do you separate the art from the artist?

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Track 008: Ye Album Review

We all know about the lead up to the release up to this album. So we’re not gonna talk about it. This is about the music. Nothing more. Nothing less.
As I got on the WAV app last Thursday night to stream the release of Mr. Wests latest album I had no idea what to expect. We were told the stream would begin at 10 p.m. and it did – except we only got to look at a bonfire and horses for two hours. Every 20 minutes or so, we could overhear people discussing preparations and this sent viewers into a frenzy. Then around, 11:50 Kanye arrived. Attendees were directed to come outside, Chris Rock (yes, Chris Rock) was handed a microphone, cracked a few jokes, told us the name of the album was Ye and introduced Kanye.
Then the album began.

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